Plastic Madonna Revealed in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM –  On World Ocean Day a scale model of the Plastic Madonna was unveiled at FabCity in Amsterdam. The statue is made with 3D-printers using  gerecycled plastic. It’s a milestone on it’s way to a much larger version.  

Onthulling Plastic Madonna

Plastic Madonna is a 12-metre long statue to be made out of recycled plastic from more than 100,000 PET bottles picked up off the streets. The statue symbolises how plastic litter is entering the food chain and that we are unwittingly feeding it to our children. But above all else, that we can easily do something about it. The solution is so simple that many people are unable to believe it: all you need to do is to pick up one piece of litter a day.
The initiative for the statue and its design is by Amsterdammer Peter Smith, who is making the statue together with the KLEAN foundation and many other people throughout the Netherlands who picked up a bottle for this project. Dutch actress Thekla Reuten posed with her baby son for this piece of art.

Photos of model to scale | Photos of the unveiling | Film of the unveiling

100,000 PET bottles picked up off the street
The Dutch Plastic Madonna will be made from 100,000 PET bottles picked up off streets up and down the country. Throughout the country, volunteers collected bottles in bins asking people to donate just one bottle. The 100,000 bottles which were collected in this way are the equivalent of the amount of plastic that enters the sea every ten seconds. In February, the bottles were put on show in the Chistus Koning Church in Amsterdam, so that people could see for themselves how much plastic that is. Because at the end of the day, until we actually see how much this is, numbers mean little to us.

The philosophy behind the cause of plastic soup is that thought “Oh, that one piece of litter of mine won’t make any difference?” By turning this thought around, and picking up one piece of litter per day, we can at least stop the growth of plastic. And then we will see that it is actaully small acts which cause huge environmental problems and it is small acts which will solve them. Countless technical solutions have been dreamt up to combat the effects of the problem, while the solution lies within us.

The KLEAN foundation does not yet have the financial means to realise the Plastic Madonna, so donations are very welcome.



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