The World for sale!

Do you want to conquer the world? Why not just buy it!


The World of Litter is for sale. It is the biggest artwork in the world that has been made completely from litter, all these plastic bottles and bags were once thrown away and lay on our streets. The plastic globe is now floating in the Rhine Harbour of Rotterdam.

Are you interested in buying it? Mail to info[@]

The highest bidder up to now is: €10.000,-

5% of the proceeds goes to help Ralien get to Yale to study sustainability.

5% goes to Anne slowly runs faster who is collecting the litter during a barefoot run around the Netherlands.


The rest of the money will go to a new even bigger project: the Plastic Madonna. This statue will be 20 metres high and will be placed on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games in 2016. So by buying the World, you help the planet :)

Tidy greetings, Peter Smith.





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